Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Epic Awfulness

I've never heard of Kinkane. I imagine you haven't either. They are supporting The Who at the o2, a fact that, for reasons too convoluted to go into, just makes me think they must be terrible. Anyway, if you think I'm being unfair, why not just sit back and treat yourself to the second paragraph of this press release? I think it might be time to revive the idea of some sort of award for awfulness.


lethalbuzzle said...

That is like a fabulous melange of awful. I actually made involuntary noises as I read it.

And isn't it 'Chili Pepper', not 'Chilli'? Sigh.

exiled in the cold north said...

Astounding. Surely Creation could take some of the credit for Primal Scream??

Jim said...

Ha ha - can't believe you found that. I had misfortune to see these poseurs end 08 and you can sleep easy - as average as the write up is bad. They've been doing circuit for years - into their 30s and still desperately clinging. Yikes

But if you really want to cringe - check out their my tube posts - search under Kinkane. Their Christmas message - give me strength...could they slip in that they're at the 02 a bit more! Word is they only got gig cos drummer's related to Townsend. Kiss of death.

duckie said...

Gasp! The recorded their album in a "wooden house"! I've got one of those. It's called a shed.