Thursday, 4 December 2008

O Brother, Why Art Thou?

"And, yes, I've just been told I can hand you straight over to a senior LiS reporter at the scene of yet another horrendous PR pile-up..."

One presumes Tones from Triad Publicity is doing this because the old Creation ties die hard. Certainly, the fact that he's let the the idiotic third Gallagher brother write most of it suggests he's not filled with faith in the product. But how can one have faith in a product whose genesis is described as follows: "We met (owner) Gerry O'Boyle and had a few drinks... and then David Soul appeared. A few shandies and a lot of chat and eyeballing later, a club night was born...” Paul, there is a difference between "irony" and "being a talentless nothing"; you should explore that difference by consulting a dictionary. What kind of no-brained, cretinous scenester thinks the idea of David Soul singing in a pub offers any entertainment possibilities whatever? Wouldn't you rather scoop out your eyeballs with plastic cutlery than attend?

As for the market research that went into the night — I also liked the idea of a night every 2 months as real LEGENDS just don’t play every month, we have to make it special every time. And I also like Tuesdays, so the 2nd Tues of every 2nd month...” — well, that's more or less what we'd expect from a Gallagher, eh? Paul, you're not a legend. And I'm so interested to hear you like Tuesdays. Well done. Now, have you been to the toilet recently and do you want your medicine now?

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