Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Not Gossip

Gossip is a hard business. You need to have details, pictures, times and dates and a sense of purpose. You need to be well-placed (or have well-placed sources). You need to be quick and have nerves of steel. Unfortunately, inane guff about your breakfast routine and woeful "chats" with taxi-drivers just doesn't cut it.

By the way, Zoe, did you actually pay for the website "design"? Really? Only, you know it's sort of the most startlingly unattractive thing imaginable, right?

Still, best of luck with it all, eh!

Thanks to the senior LiS reporter, situated in a smart part of a smart town who sent me this:

"Up to date news" = a shite post about her lollipop lady.


Begin forwarded message:

From: Zoe Griffin [zoe@zoegriffin.co.uk]
Date: 2 June 2009 14:37:41 BST
Subject: Gossip Griffin - www.zoegriffin.co.uk
To everyone who is bored of the same old celebrity websites,

After two years at the Sunday Mirror, I've launched www.zoegriffin.co.uk

It's the only source of up to date news about what's happening on British soils, (unless I get invited to an amazingly cool party abroad). I'm at the heart of the action with a video camera - not only telling you what it is like but showing you.

Please update all mailing lists.

My new emails are zoe@zoegriffin.co.uk and zoe.griffin@gmail.com

My mobile is 0771 7*** 394

Send me fabulous things!

Zoe Griffin
0771 7*** 394


Dave the Flack said...

"British soils" is right, eh readers? HRNK!

Love her blogroll:

Lainey Gossip
Perez Hilton
Raw Material
Zoe Griffin's Gossip

Right at the bottom of the pile.

Lost In Showbiz said...

"Send me fabulous things!"


blaaT said...
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Melissa said...

I love the pic on her web page too.
She's been put through some kind of stretchimifying machine, methinks.

What kind of look is she trying to go for with this site, really?