Tuesday, 18 August 2009

What The World Needs Now Is Blogs, More Blogs

Have you spent much time recently thinking, 'You know what, I can't get enough of blogs, I wish there were more. I wish, particularly, that there was one that did fashion and music and entertainment all in one place so I didn't have to do a simple mouse-click to take me, almost instantly, to the other blog I used to read about fashion and music and entertainment on. That is, until I stopped looking at blogs and moved wholesale onto Twitter, like, six months ago."

Now, I'm all for a spot of enterprise, but, really, launching a blog? Now? Who cares? You know what people don't need? A blog that writes about "everything" from "music to movies, fashion, politics, arts and gossip". Why would I trust you on all those topics?

Surely, the whole point of blogs is you go to your favourite political one, then your favourite gossip one, then your favourite music one ETC because you like the individual voices and passions of those involved. If I wanted a "one-stop shop" I'd buy a newspaper.

And I HATE that weak "journalistic" spasm of going - Blahblahblah intro, Welcome to blahblahblah! It is the shittest thing ever and, for that reason alone, I'm out.

Thanks to the LiS operative situated in a fashionable E-number postcode who sent me this, noting (rather wryly, I thought):

"This looks good"

Begin forwarded message:
From: Archna Sawjani
Date: 17 August 2009 14:39:11 BST
Subject: Welcome to Punchbowlblog.com


Music journalist Archna Sawjani, TV Producer Susan Younis and marketing expert Emmanuel Ezugwu deliver a new lifestyle blog that will not only offer exclusive content and news, but provide works from influential journalists worldwide. GREAT! WHERE DO I SIGN?

Blogs have become the leading force in news and beyond I LOVE THIS BIT - IT'S LIKE READING A NEWS STORY FROM 2003! Every day, people visit their favourite blogs for a variety of information - from fashion to the culinary arts AMAZING. However, in the world of entertainment blogs, the UK is frequently underrepresented NO IT ISN'T. Welcome to Punchbowlblog.com. AAAARRGGHHH.

PunchbowlBlog comes from the diverse minds of Susan Younis and Archna Sawjani, who have both worked in the UK media for several years WHICH MEANS YOU WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THEY'D HAVE REALISED THE BLOG-GAME IS UP, BUT NO. After fostering a deep understanding of the blog world and its audiences HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!, as well as a strong clientele, the two teamed up with former marketing co-ordinator for Stella McCartney, Emmanuel Ezugwu to create a blog that will offer everything entertainment aficionados, music and fashion enthusiasts’ desire GOOD LUCK WITH THIS.

From multi-genre mainstream and underground music to movies, fashion, politics, arts and gossip, PunchbowlBlog will be a one-stop shop for news from the UK perspective. The blog will also feature pieces from noted journalists YEAH, as well as traditional blog content including multimedia VIDEO! AMAZING!

"I use a variety of blogs daily for work purposes, but I noticed that the majority of respectable blogs were American," explains Younis THIS BIT IS BULLSHIT. "There didn't seem to be any reliable UK based mainstream blog sites ALSO BULLSHIT. So we decided to set up PunchbowlBlog - a blog that is both trend setting & delivers worldwide exclusives in music & showbiz." GOOD LUCK WITH THIS TOO.

"There are so many blogs on the web skewed toward specific audiences," continues Sawjani YES, THAT'S THE POINT OF THEM. "However, PunchbowlBlog will offer a variety of information, as well as a sharp journalist perspective RIGHT. Being a writer for several years, it's important to me that we maintain journalistic integrity within a blog setting." HAHAHAHAHA! AMAZING!

“The thing that was most important to me when getting involved in this exciting new project was being able to bridge the gap between a variety of genre’s as no one culture defines us,” says Ezugwu. YAWNARAMA.

“We write about things that interest us and having worked with Archna and Susan, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved”. Susan Younis is a Television producer at MTV. After taking on an internship at MTV in Los Angeles, she returned to London and secured a full-time job with MTV UK onTRL. GREAT.

TEDIOUS BIT ALERT: Now working on MTV BASE as a producer / director, Younis has worked on shows ranging from "The Lick", "MTV's Greatest Album Ever" and "Backstage at the MTV Europe Music Awards". She has interviewed the elite of the music and entertainment world.

Archna Sawjani began her career in journalism younger than most, when she took an assignment with RWD Magazine that ultimately began her career of writing I HOPE TO GOD SHE DIDN'T WRITE THIS SENTENCE. Archna has interviewed some of the most prolific artists worldwide OR THIS ONE. Her work can be found in a wide variety of publications including; The Guardian, The London Paper, Daily Mirror, OK Magazine, New Magazine and The Sun amongst others OR THIS ONE. When her ear isn’t to the streets and writing about it, she is a part-time PR maven working wide SHE MEANS "WITH" a wide variety of affluent brands OR, INDEED, THIS ONE.

Emmanuel Ezugwu started interning at leading London radio station, Choice FM before he started writing for RWD Magazine where he remains a staff writer. Having scribed for a number of publications including, The Guardian, and various “woman’s weeklies“, he began his move into fashion. As well as styling celebrity shoots, he has worked his pr ARCHNA WAS A "PR" WHY IS EMMANUEL ONLY A "pr"? and marketing skills for companies like OH CHRIST WOTEVA.

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