Thursday, 10 September 2009

80s Crapfest PR Disaster

This heavily annotated email has just arrived from an LiS reader situated in the hot-seat of a hugely popular national newspaper. No cheery message either, they just went straight into it. Clearly a very busy person. Memo to PRs, sometimes it's worse when journalists do read your press release rather than when, as is more usual, they delete it without even glancing at the subject line as soon as it enters their inbox.

To: Sarah Priddis []
Subject: Interview opportunity - 80's brands SHE MEANS "80s" AND "BANDS"

Interview Opportunities with 80’s SHE MEANS "80s" chart toppers

80’s SHE MEANS "80s" chart toppers headline at Pub in the Park
Paul Young, T’Pau, ABC and Go West

What Pub in the Park
Where Greenwich Park, London

80’s ROGUE APOSTROPHE ALERT! fever is raging WHERE? and leading the call WHAT CALL? is Pub in the Park. London’s brand new festival of all things pub, ROGUE COMMA ALERT has put together the ultimate 80’s ROGUE APOSTROPHE ALERT revival night with some of the biggest names YOU MEAN U2, MADONNA AND PRINCE ARE PLAYING? from the much beloved BY WHOM? decade.

Taking place in Greenwich Park from 18-20 September, Pub in the Park is an exciting “EXCITING”! new three-day event, which celebrates an essential and unique “UNIQUE”! part of our culture - The Great British Pub. OH GET LOST.

Saturday 19 September at Pub in the Park will bring together the stars of the 80’s SHE MEANS “80s” – Go West, Paul Young, ABC and T’Pau *SAD FACE*

Paul Young- Perhaps one of the biggest names of the 80’s JESUS, JUST READ A GRAMMAR BOOK was Paul Young. Paul Young famously MARVIN GAYE SANG IT MORE A LITTLE MORE FAMOUSLY, DIDN'T HE sang 'Wherever I lay my hat’, a track that became the soundtrack to the summer of 1983 and kept the No. 1 position for three weeks WAS SUMMER 1983 ONLY THREE WEEKS LONG? This was the first of fourteen SHE MEANS “14” British Top 40 singles. 16 SHE MEANS “Sixteen” years later, he’s set to steal the show and make 2009 his summer all over again! NO HE'S NOT. AND IT'S NOT SUMMER, IT'S AUTUMN.

ABC- With the release of ‘Look of Love; The very best of ABC’ ABC celebrate their return to the recording studio IF IT'S A BEST-OF, IS IT REALLY A RETURN TO THE RECORDING STUDIO? with just two UK appearances this summer – Pub in the Park in Greenwich will be a much anticipated show BY WHOM? a band much praised in the 80’s CHRIST and still loved today.

Go West - Pop Duo Go West will lead the bill DOES THIS MEAN OPEN OR HEADLINE? Formed in 1982 by Peter Cox, Go West are best known for the smash hits, We Close Our Eyes and The King of Wishful Thinking. They continue to thrill crowds *SAYS NOTHING* at gigs all over the world WHERE?, and are currently writing more new material JESUS, THAT IS BAD NEWS – see it first I DON'T WANT TO SEE IT AT ALL, THANK YOU along with all your favourites *SAYS NOTHING AGAIN* at Pub in the Park.

Carol Decker / T’Pau- Led by Carol Decker YES, WE GUESSED, T’Pau has a string of top 40 hits BUT YOU CAN'T REMEMBER ANY OF THEIR NAMES, CAN YOU? in the late 80s in both the UK and the US following success on a Pepe Jeans ad that shot them to fame in the States THIS SENTENCE NEEDS A RE-WRITE. Carol hit the screens again last year as part of the ‘Here & Now’ 80s tour and is bring the EH? nostalgia of that brilliant decade THE DECADE WAS NOT NOSTALGIC AT THE TIME, WAS IT? SO IT WOULD BE NOSTALGIA FOR THAT BRILLIANT DECADE, WHICH WASN'T BRILLIANT. AND IF ALL THE OTHER ACTS ARE BRINGING THE NOSTALGIA, TOO, WHAT'S HER USP? to Pub in the Park in September.

The Pub in the Park 80s night will be kick started by Two Choices WHO?. Hailed as the best new indie rock band of 2009 at the Unsigned Awards THE WHAT?, Two Choices are no strangers to playing the pub scene NO, THEY'RE PROBABLY NOT and have been tipped for great things BY WHOM? Not forgetting that they come from legendary stock – this is Roger Daltrey’s son’s band OH, THEY’LL BE GOOD THEN.

Pub in the Park is everything we love about the Great British Pub celebrated in the stunning surroundings of Greenwich Park NOW, THE ONE THING I LOVE ABOUT MY GREAT BRITISH PUB IS THE CERTAINTY THAT I WILL NEVER HEAR PAUL YOUNG, GO WEST, ABC OR T'PAU THERE, SO THIS IS PLAINLY A LIE.

Sarah Priddis
Account Director

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