Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Ugly Sentiments

Punting a rubbish website - and easytobook is a rubbish website - is one thing, we've all got to eat. But to do it via such a cheap and nasty way as Hills Balfour Synergy have done seems particularly mean and tasteless. I suppose that Hannah Filer and her colleagues must all be incredibly attractive people who have never had a bad word said about them in their lives, how else could they possibly excuse this sort of finger-pointing crapola? Or, as an LiS operative has it:

If you were desperately trying to add some rock star kudos to a desperate press release about something incredibly dull, wouldn't you bother to at least check how Ozzy Osbourne spells his name? And isn't it Ann Widdecombe rather than Anne? Suffice to say I shall not be emailing Hannah for more statistics if this is the best she can manage. As an aside, Ozzy is a multi-millionaire rock star with a hugely successful career. Ann Widdecome is one of the most recognisable female politicians of modern times. Do you think Hannah's happy with the way her life turned out?

Forwarded message
From: Hannah Filer []
Sent: 24 November 2008 11:26

Leading online hotels reservations site, recently conducted a survey amongst its users. When asked, which celebrity would you refuse to sleep with in a hotel for £1million? The SHE MEANS "the" majority of users agreed, Ozzie Ozbourne MAKE YOUR MIND UP - IT'S OZZY OSBOURNE AS EVEN THE MOST PERFUNCTORY GOOGLE SEARCH WOULD CONFIRM was the most repulsive male and Anne SHE MEANS ANN Widdecombe was the biggest female turn off.

Survey was completed by 1951 respondents, 35.4% voted for Ozzie Osbourne STILL WRONG, 10.9% voted for Anne WRONG Widdecombe. Other choices included: Boris Johnson, Wayne Rooney, Kerry Katona, John McCririck, Keith Chegwin and Jodie Marsh. For more statistics, please email me!


monkey_business said...

In addition, neither 35.4 per cent nor 10.9 per cent is a majority.

This complaint might make me a pedant, but it also makes me accurate. I work with statistics, y'see, so I like to get these things right.

Dave the Flack said...

Didn't Disraeli say something about statistics?

Anyway who being asks who you would or would not sleep with for £1m? I'm surprised wassit Harman hasn't got the WI on their arses. After all, they're pretty much suggesting that all's are expensive hookers, non?

SPIKE! Filed under safetly under "non news - rubbish surveys". Yeah.