Friday, 6 February 2009

You're Aviv A Laugh, No?

Apologies, been a bit side-tracked this week and this has languished in my inbox for a week or so. What can I say? I'm a bad person. Now, I have no doubt that Aviv Geffen really is a "compassionate human being", but what, precisely, does that bring to a press release? Why mention it? What is it exactly that you're trying to say? Is it that you think that we don't think Geffen is compassionate and you're attempting to put us right? Or is it that, compared to a lot of other people, Geffen is demonstrably more compassionate? And does that mean we should think more seriously about buying his records? Only, and I don't wish to be unkind here, they're not terribly good, are they?

Anyway - thanks for getting in touch! When I pitch that feature about artists who are definitely more compassionate than other artists I'll make sure your man's right at the top of my list!

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From: Grace Wood []


'the most powerful name in Israel's entertainment industry'

Visionary artist AMAZING! and compassionate human being DOUBLE AMAZING! Aviv Geffen is a super star SHE MEANS "SUPERSTAR" in his home SHE MEANS "HOME COUNTRY" of Israel where he outsells and often outshines, Madonna, U2 and Coldplay, yet he remains deeply connected to progression and peace, whilst an army of loyal fans have helped him reach worldwide sales of over 2.5 million. BRILLIANT SENTENCE STRUCTURE - THANKS!

His first song released in 1993 the controversial 'Cloudy Now' – which has since become his anthem – rebelliously featuring the F-word and was banned from Israeli radio, yet such was his appeal that it topped the charts. THIS BUT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE, BUT LET'S NOT WORRY ABOUT THAT, RIGHT? Two years later he publically SHE MEANS "PUBLICLY" made peace with politician Yitzhak Rabin at a political rally after singing 'Cry for You' and moments later Rabin was tragically assassinated. This has never deterred his hopeful spirit and Geffen continues to make hits, sell out 40,000 seater concerts and his female fanbase swells with young teenage women drawn to his sharp and quirky David Bowie-esque style, and his conscious and thought provoking lyrics. WELL, THAT'S "FEMALE"S, RIGHT? THEY CAN'T HELP THEMSELVES!

Aviv Geffen is not only the most iconic singer-songwriter and rock/pop superstar in his native Israel, but he is also one of its most significant and controversial voices. As Israel's answer to our Robbie or Noel THAT GOOD, REALLY?, he is, according to Forbes magazine, 'the most powerful name in Israel's entertainment industry'. Born into one of Israel's most prestigious families, Aviv first began to challenge authority at an early age. By 16 years old, he became the first person in Israel's history to refuse to do national service THIS BIT IS ACTUALLY BULLSHIT and this revolutionary move inspired Aviv's like minded young BLAHBLAHBLAH.

Now a man in his early thirties with all the homeland success he could dream of tucked under his belt GREAT WRITING!, he's approaching a whole new audience, the Europeans I LOVE EUROPEANS!. Geffen has been recording his first English language album with super producer Trevor Horn, the Grammy Award winning man behind luminary acts I LOVE LUMINARY ACTS! like; GREAT PUNCTUATION! Grace Jones, Seal, Tina Turner, Paul McCartney, Simple Minds, Mike Oldfield, Marc Almond, and Belle & YEAH, WEVZ.

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