Thursday, 26 February 2009

That Cameron / Halliday Email In Full

It's all very well us sitting here being rude about illiterate PR wonks trying to talk up rubbish pop groups and horrible hotel chains, but sometimes we get an email that stops us in our tracks and go, 'Jesus. Bill Hicks was right. These bastards really are trying to put a dollar sign on everything.' And so it was with this email we were sent from a senior LiS reporter. The story is this - a publisher has a book about child bereavement. A very well-known couple lose their first born child. Publisher smells opportunity and tries to hoik book to press. A few hours later a second email arrives - apologising profusely for the first. But, that's all a bit late, isn't it? Even if Halliday did sack the person responsible - and no names are given - it is still a place that employed people who thought it might be a good idea to punt a "soft tie-in" to one of their products as soon as they heard about the death of a profoundly disabled little boy. It's actually a bit sick-making. Anyway, this from our reporter on the scene:

Further to your Jade Goody story, it's worth noting the utter crassness of this press release, sent on the evening of the death of David Cameron's son. Complete and utter ineptitude.

Please also mention that it was followed up two hours later with a horrified email from the publisher, saying that this idiot had been suspended and offering full apologies. Credit should be given for that.


From: HallidayBooks []
Sent: 25 February 2009 21:45
To: Media List
Subject: Apology and retraction

To whom it may concern

It has been bought to my attention that on the evening of Wednesday 25th February you were sent an email by a member of my staff regarding our children’s book The Lonely Tree in connection with the sad news of the passing of David Cameron’s son. The individual concerned took it upon themselves to issue this email without consultation with any member of staff.

As Director of HallidayBooks I accept full responsibility and offer you sincere apologies and a retraction both personally and on behalf of the company for the message and any offence it may have caused.

Any recipient who requested their details be removed from our database will have their request honoured.

The individual has been suspended and action will be taken in due course. However, if you require more information regarding this matter or would like to take it further please contact me direct making your emails for my attention or by calling 01296-426671. All correspondence will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Sincerely yours

Nicholas Halliday
MD HallidayBooks

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