Thursday, 16 July 2009

A Masterclass In Tediousness

This just in from a seniour LiS reporter situated in a smart part of a smart city.

A few questions. Why are you sending me this stream of blank consciousness about your clients? Is there any news here or just that they are still vacant, vacuous climbers stuck in the foothills of Mount Showbiz?

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Subject *** News Alert from Liz Matthews PR

Amanda presents BORING alongside Richard BORING on BBC1. This British version of the US game show BORING is already a huge cult hit and returned to our screens last Saturday for its 2nd series. Having reached audiences of over 5 million in its prime-time slot, the show is only set to get bigger and better. Catch it every Saturday at 7.00pm on BBC1 until 5th September.

A 3rd series has already been commissioned and begins filming in Argentina
in October. Also, such is the popularity of the show, a Celebrity Special
is due for tx around December 2009. Amanda started her career in TV in 1999 presenting the popular breakfast show BORING on TV3. Her big break in England came when she landed the job of co-hosting the iconic Channel 4 show BORING for its final year in 2002. She also presented celebrity news show BORING on BBC3 in 2002. For the past 4 years she has been working in the States presenting shows like BORING and BORING. Whilst in LA she presented UK shows for Sky including Oscars Coverage 2005 / 2006 and 2 series of BORING.

Dan BORING is an actor, writer and stand up comedian with a fantastic
catalogue of work including BORING, BORING, BORING, BORING and most recently BORING. As a stand up, Dan has written and performed in three successful Edinburgh shows and has toured the UK with the highly acclaimed BORING. He also hosts his own monthly comedy show in London, Clark's, which has featured big name guest comics such as Noel Fielding, Simon Amstell and Stephen Merchant. After two successful series of short comedies for the Paramount Comedy Channel, Dan was commissioned to write and star in his own series, BORING, for BBC3. The series was nominated for 'Best Comedy Programme' at the 2009 Broadcast Awards and Dan himself received a BORING nomination at last year’s Comedy Awards. The eagerly anticipated 2nd series of BORING will air on
BBC3 from 10th September all the way through until OH CHRIST ALRIGHT ALREADY.

Rick is part of the T4 presenting family alongside Steve Boring and Miquita
Boring - - T4 on the Beach is on C4 this Sunday at 2pm. Whilst continuing to host T4 every weekend, Rick also has an extremely xciting solo project to talk about. The BORING show stems from BORING's 5-year partnership with UK BORING - a partnership which looks to encourage consumers to live by the "BORING" philosophy and eat healthier foods whilst leading BORING lives. This 12-part series will feature all things BORING - and Rick will be out and about around the country looking at what sports are on offer, searching for the UK's up-and-coming athletes, and having a go AT himself! He could be OH CHRIST ALL RIGHT ALREADY

Alexa is now based in New York where she is fronting her own brand new show for MTV. The magazine style show, IT'S BORING WITH ALEXA BORING, is live from Times Square every weekday and is a highlight of MTV's new season of programmes. The ratings have tripled since its opening week, and the show has now been moved to a primetime slot that used to be occupied by TRL. Recent guests have included ALL THE USUAL REALLY BORING PEOPLE. Alexa is making a huge impression Stateside and will, herself, appear on top chat show 'Late Night with Jimmy Boring' OK GIVE IT A REST NOW PLEASE.

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