Monday, 6 July 2009

Your Survey Said? Uh-Oh...

The following is an astonishingly bad piece of work that left a corporation already in trouble looking even worse. Sending a rubbishy email out to anyone is bad enough, but to send it out to freelance journalists - literally, the most cynically attuned people on the face of the earth, and I mean that in the most glowing sort of way - is actually catastrophic.

I would fully expect the person who wrote this to be sacked forthwith. And for that reason alone I have deleted their name as, frankly, I don't need their blood on my hands.

Thanks to the LiS operative who sent me this:

Hello LiS.

Good to see the failing education system still means you can get actual paid work for EMI PR.

From: *****, ****
Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2009 4:36 PM
Subject: EMI Master database update '09

Hi All
Sorry for the bulk email.....

Some of you may know of me from my previous job at NAME DELETED (hi) but I'm currently helping update the EMI (Virgin/Parlophone) master database list and wondered if you could take 2 mins out of your busy day and send me the below info asap.

The MORE info the better.

1. Name:
3. company (s)- I THOUGHT THIS WAS FOR FREELANCE PEOPLE?, then who do you write for and how often:
4. Coverage - reviews/features etc?
5. What feautres YOU MEAN FEATURES? do you actually do?
6. Number(s): ER WHAT DOES THIS MEAN???
7. Email:
8. Website:
9. address:
10. Circ: for any of the publicstions THE WHAT? you may wright (YOU MEAN "WRITE"?) for.
11. Any other info you can provide:coverage/sections - i.e what features/review and in what sections there in. EH? DO YOU MEAN "THEY'RE IN"?

Really appreciate you taking five mins out to complete. I THOUGHT YOU SAID "2 MINS"?

Any problems do not hesitate to get in touch.

Many thanks
**** *****
EMI Press/ freelance PR

Music from EMI

This e-mail including any attachments is BLAHBLAHBLAH please contact us on +44 20 7795 7000.

This email is from a unit or subsidiary of EMI Group Limited.

Registered Office: 27 Wrights Lane, London W8 5SW

Registered in England No 229231.

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