Monday, 27 September 2010


When we started this blog we used to receive five or six absolutely shocking PR emails every week. Now we get hardly any - really. Oh there are boring ones and silly ones, but the regularity of properly jaw-dropping missives has fallen away to, well, none. Perhaps we have been a benign force? That's a nice idea, isn't it? Shame it's absolute horseshit.

Today we received an email so bad we've had to drag ourselves out of our bath chairs in order to share it with the world.

So here it is.

From: james DELETED []
Subject: IRISH BAND ININN [that's Ininn, remember that] NAMED SECOND BEST [second best!] NEWCOMING [what does "newcoming" mean?] RAGGAE [what's "raggae"?] BAND IN EUROPE AT SUSPLASH [what's "Susplash"?] – THE BIGGEST RAGGAE [what's "raggae" again?] FESTIVAL IN EUROPE


I hope you find the below to be of interest [WELL, I LOVE SECOND STRING IRISH RAGGAE BANDS, SO HERE'S HOPING]

Intinn [OH, IT'S "INTINN" NOW IS IT? ONLY YOU CALLED THEM "ININN" IN THE SUBJECT LINE. ARE THEY STILL RAGGAE?], one of the most unique sounding bands to emerge from Ireland [IF BY "UNIQUE" YOU MEAN HACKNEYED, THEN YES] have been named the second best [SECOND BEST!] new coming [EH?] Reggae [AT LAST!] band in Europe following a live final at Rototom Sunsplash [WELL DONE!] Festival in Barcelona. This festival is one of the biggest in Europe attracting over 160,000 people from all over the world. Intinn [THAT'S THE RAGGAE BAND, INTINN, RIGHT?] were at Sunsplash representing Ireland [YES, WE GATHERED THAT] and the UK after winning an “ Ex Factor” [OK, IT'S CALLED X FACTOR, EVERYONE IN THE WORLD KNOWS THAT NOW] style competition which saw them win a public vote and then a live performance at London’s One Love Raggae [AND WE'RE BACK WITH THE "RAGGAE"] Festival.

Intinn are a unique ["UNIQUE"] five-piece band from the West of Ireland. Their music is a distinct blend of reggae, dub and drum “n” base [IT'S CALLED "DRUM AND BASS"] with a Celtic trad twist [SOUNDS GREAT! *KILLS SELF WITH AFRO CELT SOUND SYSTEM CD*]. The group have strong family ties to some of the biggest names in trad and folk music; specifically the lead singer Cian Finn is the son of Alec Finn one of the founders of De Dannan [*MAKES "WHO'S THAT?" FACE*]. Intinn are renowned for their live performances and have supported famous groups such as UB40, Kila [*MAKES "WHO'S THAT?" FACE* AGAIN] and Horance Andy [DO YOU, PERHAPS, MEAN "RAGGAE" LEGEND, HORACE ANDY?].

Speaking after performing at Rototom Sunsplash Festival lead vocalist Cian Finn said “We were delighted to have represented Ireland and the UK at one of the largest festivals in Europe [YOU'VE DONE THIS BIT]. We are very proud that we are putting Celtic Dub music [*REVIVES SLIGHTLY THEN KILLS SELF AGAIN*] on the map. This marks a significant point in the influence that elements of Irish BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH."

Intinn are playing a special showcase gig on Wednesday the 13th October in Crawdaddy, Dublin. Their current self titled album is available on and is being remixed by super Reggae & Dub producer “The Scientist” [DO YOU, PERHAPS, MEAN "RAGGAE" LEGEND HOPETON BROWN, KNOWN INTERNATIONALLY FOR NEARLY THIRTY YEARS AS, SIMPLY, SCIENTIST? ONLY "THE SCIENTIST" WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR ONE BREAKBEAT TECHNO TRACK IN 1990 AND, AS FAR AS I KNOW, NEVER HAD A HAND IN ANY "RAGGAE" RECORDS.]


But, of course, it doesn't end there because James wants to bang on some more. Trust me, you don't want to know how painful it gets, suffice to say at one point he talks about how, "the band played in the Emerald Island’s south, north, east anad [sic] west" and it was at that point we decided we wanted to be dead.

If we were Intinn's, or is it Innin's?, management team, or, indeed, if we were unlucky enough to be in the second best "raggae" band in Ireland, or wherever, we would be bloody furious about this crap coming out under our name. But we're not. We're just hacks playing it for laughs. Only it's not very funny, is it?

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