Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The BullShitts

This is the sort of press release that made us want to start this blog in the first place as it is both inane and pretentious, not an easy trick to pull off. It also makes the band sound like absolute pillocks. Of course, there's a very high chance the band are absolute pillocks - they wouldn't be the first - but their own press people should at least try to lessen that effect, not highlight it, surely? Many thanks to the senior LiS reporter who sent this in with these notes attached:

1) You mean the charge could be levelled, no? Or do you? The sentence is so poorly constructed I can't make it out.
2) You can't be a muse and a band member. That's not how it works.
3) You are either a soprano with a specific vocal range or you are not. You cannot be "Soprano style". And the rest of that sentence is so wrong I can't even begin to think about untangling it.
4) Why suddenly make it "The Bullitts"?
5) Shut it.


Danielle said...

This made my day! I work for a magazine that receives incredible volumes of poorly constructed press releases, followed inevitably by the PR hounding you for coverage. It's comforting to know that it really upsets someone else.

One of my personal favourites opened in enormous letters with; "verity is the spice of life".

Lost In Showbiz said...

Join us, Danielle. You'll like it...