Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Oh, This Looks Good

This just in from a reader near the Westway. What a good idea for a website!

From: Get Over It []
Sent: 13 January 2009 17:03
Subject: Fw: CALLING ALL PR's important journalist info...

Dear PRs
Some of you may be aware of this blog which A COMMA HERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE basically AND HERE takes the piss out of us, naming and shaming countless PRs – AND MAYBE HERE INSTEAD OF THE DASH dissecting their press releases, offending their sensibilities and the very nature of the magnificent world of PR! Not any more….WELL, THAT'S CLEARLY NOT TRUE (BUT THEN YOU ARE IN PR). there’s WHY NO CAPITAL T? a backlash, a revolution in full swing. PR backlash ‘GET OVER IT!’ (TM – BC) BABS IS BEHIND THIS? is a forum solely for music PRs across the country who have tirelessly dealt with tantrums, knock backs and general degradation from many a music journalist. This is our chance to voice our concerns, completely anonymously and in a tasteful manner. Be it a hilarious anecdote of one journalist invoicing a PR for their ‘Wasted Time’, a horrendous hotel tab comprised of porn, room service and more porn or tales of pure stupidity and lack of musical knowledge from some of the UK’s most trusted scribes…we SURELY, "We" want to hear it!

How low will a journalist go?

To get us started we want to hear your nominations for the most horrendous journalist behaviour of all time. While we all pluck up our courage, we want your tales of wicked whispers and journalist folklore. You don’t have to name and shame and we promise to respect anonymity. As we all know journalists seriously lack a sense of humour THIS BIT IS TRUE and we will not give them the opportunity to trace contributors. We all know a lot of the insider stories already and it would be good to share them with a wider forum. is awaiting your input.

Other topics up for discussion
Top journalist offenders
CLASH MAGAZINE / CASH MAGAZINE – send your stories of cash for questions to us now
Top 10 Journalist-isms ‘It’s in the listening pile’ or ‘send me another copy’….
HAVE YOU NO SHAME? Journalists who ask for everything, then shaft you with a feature / review the size of a postage stamp.
Top Tantrums

I'll tell you what - it's a brilliant site!


Dave the Flack said...
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Dave the Flack said...


No worry, mind, as the need for credible sources and proof to substantiate the spurious allegations they want to publish will surely land them in England's courts should any of the "named and shamed" take umbrage with their bitchy gossiping.

Perhaps on a more practical note he/she should examine the type of material they are sending to journalists who have clearly offended them greatly by refusing to give them the time of day. You'd imagine it might be badly targeted, awfully written and mostly irrelevant garbage. But maybe now I'm the one being harsh.

Music PR seems to get a particularly bad wrap on this site. From my own experience of working in this sector at the start of my career, it seems there are a load of one-man outfits (sorry, "boutique consultancies") doing it as a lifestyle business cause they get in free to cool gigs rather than treating it as a serious profession. That was definitely my reason for getting out - everyone undercut on prices so much that it's impossible to even make minimum wage working at the lower end of the industry.

However during my short tenure I like to think I remained realistic, and didn't expect journalists to drop at my feet when I presented them yet another new band's CD to listen to. It's not like they're doing a public service, is it? They're arbiters of taste, and everyone has different opinions on what is good and what is cack. But they're certainly not obliged to acknowledge receipt of stuff sent unsolicited, let alone listen to it or write about it.

Get real kid. You're probably sending them shit. If it was the new Chamillionaire album you were pushing, they'd be all over you like herpes in a gay sauna. FACT.

On a personal note, I'm happy to say that none of my press releases have appeared on here. Yet ;-)

Dave the Flack said...

Not related at all, but I've just spoken to a reporter at the Gloucestershire Echo called Steve Hackwell. Does he? What an apt surname!

Anonymous said...

"Music PR seems to get a particularly bad wrap (HE MEANS RAP) on this site."

Feel better now Dave?