Friday, 16 January 2009

REVEALED: The Lamest Website Evah!

At last! A website entirely devoted to images of the hilariously over-priced tat that's fallen out the back of Vicky Beckham's brain! Great! Big thanks to the senior LiS reporter who has just sent this in:

Hold the front page! (of, I mean)

Begin forwarded message:
From: "Josie Saunders" []
Date: 15 January 2009 14:25:08 GMT
Subject: Shoreditch woman creates website for Victoria Beckham's new dress collection

I thought you might be interested in one of my clients who has just launched an exclusive website for Victoria Beckham for the London Paper?

Her name is Aileen Geraghty and she is the MD of hip NO COMMA? MAYBE HER HIPS HAVE WON AWARDS? award-winning UK design agency, 999 Design, which is headquartered TERRIBLE AMERICANISM, ALREADY! in Shoreditch, East London (Great Eastern Street), and I thought she would make an interesting focus / feature / lifestyle / profile piece?

She helps clients improve their branding, marketing and website and works with some of the biggest brands in the UK. Aileen, who was 40 last year, is at the cutting edge of London’s design scene and is regularly seen relaxing over an organic latte at Soho House, where she is a member. BRILLIANT PIECE OF INFO - I CAN TAKE HER SO MUCH MORE SERIOUSLY NOW!

She has just created the recently launched website for Victoria Beckham’s dress collection for 19 Management, which is owned by American Idol creator Simon Fuller and looks after the Beckham brand portfolio.

Aileen has also just designed a range of t-shirts for the UK’s leading ethical clothing brand, People Tree, which is being launched in march SHE MEANS "March". In the past few months, NO COMMA NEEDED HERE she has also designed the branding and marketing material for Muse, India’s answer to Harvey Nichols, and has played a key role in developing the brand to roll out the switchover of digital TV across the UK NO, I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS BIT EITHER. Aileen travels extensively for work to Asia and America and is just back from a holiday in Gambia. MORE GREAT INFO!

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes


Josie Saunders
Account Director
The BIG Partnership
5 Park Circus Place
Glasgow, G3 6AH


Dave the Flack said...

Shut up LiS, I've defo seen you ordering mojitos at Soho House so LEAVE. AILEEN. ALONE.

Only kidding. Go for the jugular.

Lost In Showbiz said...

organic mojitos, D ave, PLEEZE!

Dave the Flack said...

Oh yah, totally organic dahhhling. How's your organic iPhone LiS?

Ruff The Dog said...
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Ruff The Dog said...
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Ruff The Dog said...

Why does it keep reading in binary when I post??

Oh well here goes third time lucky

I think I have seen someone like this at Shoreditch House a few times, definietely a organic latte drinker daaaaaaaarling!!. Im sure she was weaaring someting 40's (yet trying to look 30's) most probably those dire gladiator sandles that were so hip last year. Maybe she got them from Gambia. And if I remeber her botox would have been FLAWLESS, had she not forgotten to top it up.

Oh to be cutting edge at 40

Imogen said...

I feel sorry for the PR girl who issued the release. Imagine having to write something like that for someone. The vanity of someone to either ask for, or approve, a release like that is rather astounding.

Add to that the fact that this poor women’s colleagues probably did all the work whilst she was in Gambia, do they have organic lattes in Gambia, and she is claiming all the praise. She’s not Victoria Beckham, but this woman sure is as conceited as she is.