Friday, 9 January 2009

Weighty Issues

Lily Allen has been in the news a lot this week, hasn't she? All that stuff about drugs and religion and the like. Well, the good people at Quite Great Communications clearly read different newspapers to the rest of us as what they've been reading about seems to have been unbearably tedious diet stuff. This just in from a waspish LiS storm-trooper on the frontline:

This one hits so many buttons. Lily Allen's weight is definitely not the hot topic of the moment. Winehouse's possibly but definitely not Lily. Oh, and try to spell Lily correctly please. And no, this is not an interesting editorial opportunity, whatever you might think. Finally, what an awful attempt to shoe horn
your poxy no-mark client onto another wise blameless celeb. Well done Lauren, you have set a good standard for the year!

Lauren Horncastle []
09/01/09 03:00 pm
Subject: The hot topic at the moment- Lily Allen's weight

It's THE hot topic of the moment - How Lilly SHE MEANS LILY Allen has attributed her
incredible new figure to 'hypnotic reprogramming' and we now have a really interesting
editorial opportunity available for you. Globally renowned Australian hypnotist Rick Collingwood who has been hailed as 'the World's Greatest Hypnotist' RIGHT! and is a pioneer of hypnosis related to weight loss and other New Years' resolutions such as giving up smoking and thinking more positively LET'S THINK OF HIM AS PAUL MCKENNA WEARING ONE OF THOSE HATS WITH CORKS HANGING OFF IT.

We would love to set up a one on one session for one of your editorial team so they too can experience 'the Lilly SHE STILL MEANS LILY effect' and below is information about Rick.

Let's set a date for a session and I promise there is no hypnotic message in this email, honest! AMAZING CLOSER!

I look forward to hearing from you,


Lauren Horncastle
Press Officer
Quite Great Communications Ltd

Rick Collingwood 'the World's Greatest Hypnotist' set to take the UK by storm YES DEAR, OF COURSE HE IS.

Globally renowned Australian hypnotist Rick Collingwood who has been hailed as YES, THAT'LL DO, THANK YOU.

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