Wednesday, 1 April 2009

How Television Works: 1

This just in from a senior LiS reporter working out there on the front line. If you had even just a shred of respect left for the 7 or 8 poor bastards left working at ITV, then you might find this a bit upsetting. If you don't, then you'll love it.

Good afternoon. Below is something truly terrible, from one of the UK’s most massive entertainment brands. Just awful. But I suppose if you were a flack then you might just be interested – in return of course for “the possibility that your product may get caught on camera!!”

Please - just kill me now? Exclamation point times two.

1 comment:

Dave the Flack said...

I love the complete lack of understanding when to use an apostrophe. Communications 101 - if you can't spell or punctuate, get someone who can to proof material before issuing it into the public domain. Or end up looking like a bit of a wally. Sad face.