Wednesday, 9 January 2008

I Am New At This Job - Will This Do?

Here's a great one - every single, fly-bitten, time-worn, brass-titted cliché in the PR’s handbook (1978 edition) is given a wipe over with a damp cloth and presented as new. I get about four of these a day. Please enjoy the terrible punctuation and shockingly bad grammar (and styling).

Anyone for some "Prog mosh edgy Anglo-American stadium rock with buzz-saw guitars"? No. Me neither.

From: **
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 15:45:34 +0100
To: **
Subject: Sugarmonkey London dates and single release

Hi **,

"Who are these other 'monkeys" was a common question among journalists intrigued by the moniker and impressed by the sounds as London's sugarmonkey toured the UK in late winter '05 in support of their debut single. The Scottish Sun went so far as to create a spurious rivalry with the headline "Two Bands, Two Names...But Who's Aping Who?"

There is no confusing the sound of sugarmonkey with any other UK band, however. Described as "Prog mosh edgy Anglo-American stadium rock with buzz-saw guitars" by indie bible Unpeeled, the net is crammed with every sort of praise possible, commenting on everything from their stage energy to their anthemic hooks, and even their looks. Within weeks of the release of their debut single, sugarmonkey's MySpace page swelled to over 15,000 fans, with a frenzied rush to scoop up tasty downloads and peaks at their two videos.

Now a new single, 'Welcome to my Life' (out 4th September) filled with attitude, insight and a right hook designed to smash any remaining simian references, will be followed up by a UK tour in September that will see the debut sugarmonkey album released within its midst.

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Dave the Flack said...

"The net is crammed with every sort of praise possible" - including praise which isn't praise in the conventional sense. More in a "they're a bunch of chumps" sense.