Thursday, 10 January 2008

Style Wars

In 2008, is it really acceptable to send an email like this? And what does it all mean? What's the point of it all? If I was the person who sent this out I would go home and cry myself to sleep every single night of the year wondering why my life was so hollow and aimless. And then I'd ask myself why, if it's my job to send out emails, why I didn't make sure they turned up in a readable state.

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Last summer Mental Overdrive (aka Per Martinsen) put his first Exclusive Mu=sic offering (EM001) up for sale on eBay, in the shape of Mental Overdrive'=s track =22Elephantastic=21=22, to be sold in one exclusive master copy to = the highest bidder.

Unfortunately, it failed to reach the eBay 'reserve price', and did not sel=l (the auction closed with the highest bid left at 760 USD).

=22Elephantastic=21=22 was therefore put out as a regular digital single re=lease to great reviews, and is now available through most download stores.=

Now they're ready to offer Exclusive Music EM002.

Mental Overdrive is currently finishing a new album for release through Nor=wegian label Smalltown Supersound in 2008. The album will be titled =22You =are being manipulated=22, and will contain 11 tracks.

In connection to this album, a new auction will be on offer from January 4t=h and for 10 days onwards, closing on January 14th - this time with no rese=rve price at all=21

The winner of the new auction will be granted to compose a short message to be recorded as a backwards =22hidden=22 message - in true occult rock'n'ro=ll fashion - inserted somewhere appropriate within the music on the new alb=um.

This will be done in the most professional way, with the typical low-pitche=d, bass-heavy voice often heard in messages of this nature.

The message can be anything from a personal declaration like =22John loves =Julie=22, to smart advertising campaigns like =22Buy (insert your brand or =product here)=22, or =22Read (insert name of your magazine here)=22.

This campaign is of course fuelled by purely commercial motives, but we sti=ll reserve the right to decline to accept and promote messages from brands =or companies we consider to be =22unethical=22.

This means dealers of nuclear missiles or severly polluting products should=not consider to bother placing their bids at all. If you're not sure wethe=r you are =22ethical=22 or not, just look deep within your heart. You will know who you are.

Auction link:

Any enquiries should be directed to:

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