Wednesday, 9 January 2008

"Think Portishead, Townes Van Zandt..."

I'm getting no work done because every time I look in my Inbox it's brim-full of clichés:

Reveal Records (home to Joan As Police Woman, Kris Drever, Lau… et al) will be releasing the debut album by MADAM on March 3rd 2008.

The project of raven haired hustler Sukie Smith, MADAM make music for outlaws, cowboys and glamour girls.

Think Portishead, Velvet Underground, Nick Cave, Townes Van Zandt…MADAM conjure a magical and dangerous world of lost highways, dying love, whiskey-soaked mistakes and cigarette-smoke philosophy.

Inventive yet familiar, stamping all over 3-chord banality – MADAM project a musical honesty and fragility against a stunning visionary backdrop of Lynchian dreams and shattered Americana…beautiful, twisted, confessional late-night conversations soaked in bar-fly brilliance.

Assembling a posse of pale riders to form MADAM, Sukie finally has a group of hired hands to perform her songs live . Dark, maudlin widescreen vignettes are what make up the album ‘In Case Of Emergency’. An atmospheric filmic quality resides on this extraordinary debut.

I would pick out particularly offensive passages but it seemed too mean. The final sentence seems to suggest that the writer had lost the will to live.

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