Thursday, 22 May 2008

Literally, Who Cares? 4

This is one of those PR emails that makes the phrase KIll. Me. Now. run on an endless loop in my head. Some people - clearly - don't have enough to do. Is there, honestly, a single person in the country outside of the band members and their management who cares even a tiny, weeny bit that Kids In Whatever are on Radio 1's B List rather than the C list? No, there isn't. And if you do, I suggest you open the windows a bit wider and let some fresh air in. Anyway, that miniscule, utterly unremarkable mistake was reason enough for this PR to rattle off yet another email to someone with better things to do. Someone who now feels an active dislike towards a band he previously had no feelings towards. As the reader has it:

the fact that the below is written in a nearly angry tone that suggests all of this is actually important really got to me today for some reason...

-----Original Message-----
From: Nienke Klop
Sent: 09 May 2008 10:46
Subject: I lied... Sorry!


I don’t know if you bothered reading the press release that came with your copy of the Kids In Glass Houses album ‘Smart Casual’ (which you should have received in the post yesterday or today), or even if you bothered looking at the cd when (if) you opened the envelope and didn’t recognise the band name, and slid it towards the stack of cd’s gathering dust in the corner of your office.

BUT, I have to apologies for a blatant lie that is in that press release. The Kids In Glass Houses single ‘Give Me What I Want’ is NOT on the Radio 1 C List. No.

In fact, it is on the Radio 1 B List. Which is pretty unheard of for a UK rock band who haven’t even released their debut album yet.

Please check out the album to see what all the fuss is about, and if it’s not your thing, give it to most any 15/16 year old you know, as it’s highly likely they will know who the band are. And might actually be excited about getting the album before it is released on May 26th.

Xx Nienke


Nienke said...

it is called 'doing my job', if you don't want to read my emails, feel free to press delete. it's very easy.

Kids in Glass Houses album 'Smart Casual' out this week. midweek position number 17 today.

Nienke said...

buy the Kids in Glass Houses album here, now:

monkey_business said...

Genuinely hilarious. And completely shameless, too.

Here's something on the internet saying that people don't care - and you add two more chunks of things that we don't care about to it. And within an hour of one another, suggesting that you forgot something first time around and had to correct another mistake (the original email that got you onto LiS was correcting a mistake, after all).

And the simple fact is that people who aren't interested shouldn't have to spend their day deleting your emails - they should be able to do THEIR job instead of having to worry about you not doing your job very well.