Friday, 2 May 2008

An Object Lesson In Ruining It For Yourself

For even the lowliest PR, the subject line of an email is a chance to show your true mettle and really reach out and try to make someone - anyone! - take notice. Unless you're this person. "Some Of The Best Bands Come To Scotland" is, for me, the single worst, least-appealing, most heartbreakingly pointless subject line I have ever read. "Let me know if you want cheap tickets or press passes." "Cheap tickets" for We See Lights, The Vivians or cryoverbillionaires? Are you, perhaps, taking the piss? And what's "Sund City"? And doesn't the line, "I am selling cheap tickets to anyone who gets in touch with me for The Lost Boys" make the whole thing feel even more low-rent than it already is? Tremendously poor work - well done Jen at DF Concerts.

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