Sunday, 10 August 2008

Snow Patrol: Idiots

For once, here's a band making a hash of their own PR. Poor old Katherine at Purple has to send this out with her own name on it, presumably while trying to blank out the image of a tearful Gary Snow Patrol engaging himself in some vigorously apologetic love. Or, as a reader from a globally respected media outlet has it:

Oh dear. My world is shattered. Snow Patrol really are a bunch of insufferable nobs, aren't they?

----- Forwarded Message
From: Katherine: [>]

"Hello everyone
Well, in this world of instant coffee, news, messaging and everything else
is was bound to happen. In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph we let slip the working title of the album then said not to print it until we had finalised it with each other (and put it on this very site). Those words were not heeded and they printed it anyway.

We’re sorry you didn’t hear it from us first but the album is indeed called 'a hundred million suns’. We will endeavour to make you guys the first to hear about everything else. It’s becoming increasingly hard but we’ll do our best.

Lots of apologetic love to you all. Gary.x"

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Peter said...

I completely agree with Snow Patrol's sentiment here. It is totally out of order of ANY journalist to print things they find out during the course of an interview - particularly if the information in question is of interest to the reader. What was the journalist thinking? I feel really sorry for Gary and, as he says, it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep things secret. It's not like the good old days when you could say something in an interview and it wouldn't be printed. To blame:

1. Journalists who don't run quotes by publicists for approval before they go to print.
2. The internet.
3. People who don't understand Snow Patrol's genius.