Thursday, 19 June 2008

Authentic Pop Standards And New Wave Anthems - Together At Last!

Are you into Officer Kicks? Yeah, me too. Although *flicks greasy, idiot fringe* I'm more into Cage The Elephant, obviously! When we started this blog it was to highlight the rampant foolishness of so many badly thought out music "biz" press releases. Then other people started sending wonderful examples of awfulness from other industries. So many that we almost forgot how truly uplifting terrible, witless, pointless music PR can be. So many, many thanks to Mark and everyone at 10 X Better for this fantastic addition to the canon. Oh, and there's a D in "Guildford" and the bit about "alternative plans" that have "excited business" doesn't make any sense.


Dave the Flack said...

Hahaha "organically exploding" - is that like chucking an egg from River Cottage at someone's Chelsea tractor? Or even just a very frisky compost?

I've actually met Mark from 10xbetter and he is a very lovely chap. For the (very little) money they charge bands, they do actually make a decent effort at plugging stuff and get some decent results considering the bands they work with are usually unknowns.

C'mon Mark - you can do better than this c**p! Write something good!

Lost In Showbiz said...

it's no excuse...