Monday, 30 June 2008

Lucky Old Holly Willoughby

I wonder who women would choose to give them the once over for breast cancer? James Nesbitt, maybe? Or Daniel Craig? Or, here's a thought, perhaps no one would ever consider it a decent question to ask them? Thanks to a reader in Birmingham for this.

From: Dominique Vincent []
Sent: 30 June 2008 10:08
Subject: News release: Birmingham men want Holly Willoughby to check their testicles

Birmingham men want Holly Willoughby to check their testicles

Birmingham men would most like to have their testicles checked for cancer by Dancing on Ice presenter Holly Willoughby, according to a survey undertaken by the Everyman male cancer campaign.

But men were running for cover when it came to Big Brother contestant Jade Goody closely followed by singer Amy Winehouse - who men voted the women they least wanted to check their testicles for unusual lumps and bumps.

The survey of more than 1,000 men was carried out by One Poll on behalf of the prostate and testicular cancer charity, Everyman.

Testicular cancer survivor and Everyman spokesman, Millwall FC striker Neil Harris said the survey aimed to raise awareness about the importance of men checking their testicles regularly for any changes.

"While most men may dream about having their favourite celebrity helping them out, we encourage men to seek help from their partners or to go it alone in checking for any changes in the size, shape or weight of their testicles. If you notice anything unusual, contact your GP immediately," Harris said.

"As blokes tend to do, I was watching television with my hands resting in my shorts, and as I felt my testicles I noticed that one was bigger than the other. It just didn't feel right."

Top three celebrities Birmingham men would most like to have check their testicles:
* 15 per cent of men chose Holly Willoughby
* 13 per cent said socialite Paris Hilton
* 7 per cent selected Five News presenter Natasha Kaplinsky and model Kate Moss

Celebrities Birmingham men would least like to have check their testicles:
* 20 per cent chose Jade Goody
* 18 per cent said Amy Winehouse
* 16 per cent chose Heather Mills

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