Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Best Of We've All Been Waiting For!

This comes from a reader who has labelled it "Gold!" which, on first glance, may seem a little harsh. It's not badly written as such, though it is crammed with ridiculous statements (there is no way in the world you could accurately describe Quaye's time with Epic as "highly successful"), but let the glory of it all sink in a little and the good bits reveal themselves. For instance:
1. There are 16 tracks, only two of which reached the Top 20 and that was 11 years ago.
2. The part that reads, "in 1997 he played his debut gig in London's Ronnie Scotts (sic) Club in 1997" (fyi, it's Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club).
3 When a press release describes your later work as "less mainstream" and "challenging" it means they're rubbish.

I'll see you in the queue on July 1!

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