Friday, 6 June 2008

Fashion PR Amazingness

This is truly wonderful. Steve Monghan - AKA Stevie Mona - has written perhaps my favourite press release of the last few months. Everything is here, from terrible, junior-school grammatical errors, to wildly over-blown, never-mind-the-quality-feel-the-width arsery. There is not a wasted word here, from the stunning subject line to the super-casual "peace" sign-off like it's 1987 and "Stevie" is, in fact, Rakim in a slightly too tight faux-Prada blouson. I am indebted to a reader from a very grown up publishing concern for sending this in. Strangely, they couldn't bring themselves to comment. Perhaps they've grown used to this sort of awfulness...

From: Steve Monaghan []
Sent: 05 June 2008 11:01
To: stephen monaghan; eric conyers

Ladies and Gents

open up your ears and clean out your eyes and feast upon the visual and aural style amalgamation that is Ludwig ...

An L.A based fashion forward thinking, post street-wear label that has arrived in the UK under the watchful eye and protective wing of SANEcommunications ... backed by Willard (son of harrison) Ford ... the force is strong with this one !!

taking the F**K YOU anarchy vibe of Alex delarge and fusing it with the symphonic vision and genius of Ludwig Van Beethoven ... LUDWIG is ready to give the people some classical anarchy on their backs!!

so folks ... peruse the lookbook and get a feeling for this brand as the S/S collection is even better and bigger in 'sound and vision' ... its time to let the world know ... Ludwig is conducting the new clothing orchestra !

This is A/W look-book so lets get some interest going folks ...

get back to me for images and info etc ...


steve sane

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