Monday, 30 June 2008

Under The Cushh

Is Cushh the worst band name ever (or is that Wet Dog)? Well, it would be appropriate as they seem to have "employed" the single worst press release writer in the known world. The more I read this, the more I think that "Tina Ress" must have English as a second (OK, third) language, so, y'know, maybe I should give her a break. But...

1. "Hope you well" - you?
2. "Old Cushh songs will be released in Austrlia and Canada this summer via a "Non-Exclusive" deal." You what? And where's Austrlia?
3. "Recently have endorcement deal." Uh?
4. "sugar babes" - who?
5. "cush" - you mean Cushh, right?

And so it goes on and on and on and on. As a reader has it: "was this written by someone who only learnt the alphabet yeterday, or is "Tina Ress" a red indian from The Beano? "Me love Big heap um Cushh!"

From: Tina []
Date: 29 June 2008 21:06:30 BST

Hope you well,
cushh have new songs. Cushh previous songs are available for publishing and licencing. Old Cushh songs will be released in Austrlia and Canada this summer via a "Non-Exclusive" deal. Cushh are now recording new songs, recently have endorcement deal with Hiwatt Amplifier manufacters.
Cushh is now looking for a group label deal, to now fund them to the next level. They will be releasing another single in August this year after their debut single charted at number 31 and also appeared on the Billboard top 100 chart.cush have Toured with westlife and shane ward ,sugar babes...


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