Thursday, 5 June 2008

It's Juxtapositions Of Burlesque Hedonism O'Clock (Triptych Edition)!

Here's my dream PR email.

Hello. X has a record out on X. My email address is X, my phone number is X.


But that never happens, does it? Everyone always feels the need to shoot the shit a little, go crazy for a bit like that's going to not only hold your attention (it doesn't), but drag you into the project too (it doesn't). Like this guy who is so hungry to get going with all the cliches we've all read A MILLION TIMES that he's barely out of the starting blocks before we're experiencing "characters" and "musical feasts" and "triptychs" and the rest of it. My one question is this. Why are you doing this? Honestly, why? No one's ever going to read it. Well, hopefully they are now, but that probably wasn't the intention originally. Anyway, there's toe-curling pleasure here, or, as a reader has it:

Hello LiS

I hope you like this beautiful gem x

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: spencer pearce
Date: Thu, May 15, 2008 at 10:54 AM
Subject: Give this some airplay!

Spencer Jude's diverse sound is a musical feast of Blues, Folk, Funk, Punk and Rock. The Last Trilogy (Part 1) is a triptych set to the backdrop of 2003/4, which uses 3 distinct characters to explore through music, words and performance the political and social landscape facing our times. Raising issues of war, social control and political manipulation alongside mass denial, hedonism and a culture of consumerism. This is juxtaposed with a message of love, peace and raised consciousness.

Spencer Jude's performance is a transformation from protest singer songwriter to a burlesque-style hedonistic devil character and finally into an image of benevolence & compassion. He is drawing average audiences of approx 150 people per show attracting great reviews and interest the music industry.

The Whoopee Club have set a new night called The Master&Margarita A Night With The Devil to showcase his performance of Part 2 which will be held monthly at the Vibe Bar starting on the 28th May. Along with other Male Acts from the Burlesque World.

He is currently working on the follow up The Last Trilogy Sequel Part 2 set sometime in the future dealing with the pressing issue of Climate Change. With more Power tunes from The Devil and His Nemisis.

Please don't hesitate to contact either myself or Spencer for further information.


Vivienne McKenzie

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