Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Are You "Shot Through With Melancholia"?

I wasn't before, but I am after reading this twaddle. Or, as an LiS reader has it:
Oooh! Slagging 'Chris Fucking Martin' - how bold! That's a controversial position to take because everyone knows stuff is only ever good because other stuff is shit by direct comparison (however tenuous).


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From: Bill Cummings []
Date: 2008/10/1
Subject: Matt Finucane releases debut solo EP, and free downloads on 20/10/08

Matt Finucane releases his debut solo EP through Light Crude recordings on the 20th of October 2008. It will be preceded by the free download single, and much talked about IT'S TRUE - WE'VE ALL BEEN BANGING ON ABOUT THAT DOWN, LITERALLY, THE PUB track, 'Kafka Song' released through Sound And Vision downloads. And backed by the equally gratis b-side 'What Comes Next.' HOW CAN YOU "BACK" A DOWNLOAD?

Londoner Matt Finucane writes but his main activity is his music: he's a man with wild visions to share with you. OH, RILLY?

One man with a guitar, rudimentary electronic effects, reverb, distortion and a deep distrust of the traditional singer songwriter tag. His sound is shot through with melancholia, his love of Lou Reed's Berlin (ONE OF THE WORST RECORDS EVER), his attempts to clamber in the head of HE MEANS "INTO THE HEAD OF" literary icons, and the darkness of his late night adventures at the bottom of a bottle MOODY - I LIKE IT!

After lurking on the underbelly of the capital's music scene, he felt like stretching himself seeing if he could do something different with the hackneyed idea of one man and a guitar CLUE: HE CAN'T. Matt doesn't care what you think of him, his work is experimental and uncompromisingly personal TRANS: CRAP but that's what makes his music so addictive. On stage he creates an intense yet hypnotic atmosphere.

A watchable baddy, spilling out dark tales. He's no Chris Fucking Martin IE, SOMEONE WHO WRITES SONGS THAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIKE.

The free downloads will expire after six weeks, when Matt's EP will be avaliable HE MEANS "AVAILABLE" on Itunes HE MEANS iTunes.

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