Friday, 17 October 2008

The Price Is Nice

If I was a woman - and who knows, perhaps I am - I would be perfectly happy to buy Grazia and "quaff" rosé and carry a statement handbag, but I would draw the line at "scented towels and liners". Scented towels and liners? Are you stark, staring mad? Let this message ring out to Big Business: you have now, officially, gone too far and I hereby withdraw my support. Or, as a senior LiS reporter has it:

It's all downhill after the age of 30, ladies! As for these products, "you can find them in all major chemists and supermarkets, priced from £X" That much? And lastly, what it is with all the "saying that" stuff? Is this a proviso, or a clarification? Agh...

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