Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Christ On A Bike

This is making me feel poorly :(

Kill. Me. Now. Or them. I'm not arsed which just, please, make it stop...

----- Forwarded on 07/10/08 10:59 am -----
"Paul Drury" [Paul.Drury@ideageneration.co.uk] Subject: Cycle Tribes Officially Defined - 2008 Sees Dawn of Credit Crunch Crawler

Hello there,

Please see attached for a press release defining Cycling Tribes. Images and interviews with a Credit Crunch Crawler and other tribe examples are available upon request.


Paul Drury.

***Embargoed until Wednesday October 8th***
Credit Crunch Crawlers are UK’s Fastest Growing Cycling Tribe

Tribes of Cycling Defined for the First Time
**Cycle 08 takes place at Earls Court, London, on 10-12 October**

The tribes of cycling have been defined for the first time by the experts and exhibitors involved with this week’s Cycle 08 show - taking place at Earls Court from October 9-12 – and it is the new tribe of Credit Crunch Crawlers that is the fastest growing tribe in the country.

From the BMX Bandits of London’s South Bank, to the Off-Road Enthusiasts of the Peak District to the Saturday Shoppers of the Portobello Road Market and all those in between, the report offers a fascinating study into the cycling landscape in the UK today.

However it is the imminent recession and people tightening their belts around the UK that has meant the new tribe of Credit Crunch Crawler is the quickest growing tribe on two wheels, according to the experts organising, attending and exhibiting at Cycle 08 – the UK’s biggest consumer cycle exhibition.

The study found each tribe had clearly defined characteristics – preferred place of shopping, reading material and internet surfing habits - making each tribe unique.

And the study, which was conducted through looking at the demographics of people registering to attend the event and produced by Cycle 08, also reveals which tribes dominate which areas of London, each tribe having a ‘habitat’ it likes to call home.

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I think that third comment on the Evening Standard's "exclusive" about sums it all up: