Monday, 20 October 2008

Blunt Facts

At last! Two of the most vapid, soulless experiences currently available in the modern world are getting together. Just imagine how stimulating it will be to finally get James Blunt's view on the sort of "news" that's only fit to be given away to bored, feckless commuters. Or, as a newly-minted LiS reporter has it:

Oh my Good God. My blood is chilling as I type.

Begin forwarded message:


20 October 2008: James Blunt, Warner Music and Metro International today announced a global brand partnership that will see the acclaimed singer-songwriter guest edit the global edition of the Metro newspaper on 17th November. Metro is BLAHBLAHBLAH its global edition.

James will assume his duties at the Metro Rome office where he will BLAHBLAHBLAH. James will be involved in a feature on Médecins Sans Frontières, an international medical humanitarian organisation James supports and which Metro Newspapers have worked closely with for a number of years.

James Blunt said, “I have long been fascinated by the media and am excited to have the chance to go behind the scenes at Metro and experience things from the other side. With so much going on in the world right now, I am looking forward to editing a newspaper IT'S NOT A REAL NEWSPAPER, YOU FOOL, raising the profile of subjects close to my heart and hopefully have a little fun along the way. I might even give myself a good BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH..."

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