Thursday, 16 October 2008

Lexicon Of Guff

Note to Vickie North at Finn Comms. You can't introduce "a new lexicon to fashionistas", however much you might like it. The lexicon, according to Wikipedia, "organises the vocabulary of a language according to certain principles and it contains a generative device producing (new) simple and complex words according to certain lexical rules." And you don't spell Agyness Deyn like that either.

But thanks for trying. This just in from an LiS operative:

As a regular reader of your blog I just spotted this on the PR grapevine and thought I'd share. I’m not quite sure adding one (rather poor) word counts as introducing a "new lexicon" – methinks the PR in question needs to check her own lexicon and learn the meaning of the word. Also, I'm not sure how "Audery Hepburn" would feel about being ranked alongside Kate Moss and Twiggy, but I reckon, if nothing else, she'd be peeved to see her name spelled incorrectly. Hey ho.


Jewellery shopping, as we know it, is set for an almighty shake-up, as The Precious Monkey Jewellery Company opens its online doors in time for Christmas. A unique and ingenious web-based concept, Precious Monkey Jewellery offers people the chance to design their own exquisite and bespoke pieces of jewellery at the click of a button ( A true world first, Precious Monkey Jewellery has introduced a new lexicon to fashionistas: ‘Clickouture’, the ability to design and create couture jewellery on-line, at any time.

Feeling adventurous and bursting at the seams with creative flair? Whether it’s in the style of Audery Hepburn SHE MEANS AUDREY or Kate Moss, Twiggy or Agyness Dene SHE MEANS DEYN, Precious Monkey Jewellery puts the design in the hands of the wearer. The website provides a blank canvas on which a unique silver necklace, pendant, bracelet or earring can be created from scratch. Choose from a selection of cutting-edge shapes and elements, including ovals, stars and circles; attach these to a thick or thin chain, long or short; and add a touch of glamour with a sprinkling of diamonds and other precious gems.

The website gives a dimension of flexibility to Precious Monkey Jewellery that has never been seen before. Collections can be tweaked and changed within a matter of days to keep track of key fashion trends. Watch this space as the Launch Collection will shortly be followed by an array of chic designs that will whet the appetite of budding fashion followers. OH YES, DEFINITELY

Commenting on the launch, Liz Clothier, the company’s Fashion Director said: “BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH.”

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duckie said...

Brilliant. I love the idea that a circle is a "cutting-edge shape". Whatever next, squares?