Thursday, 23 October 2008

Life: Harder Than You Expected?

Guess what? Not everyone who wanted to be an astronaut actually becomes an astronuat. Some people drive buses or sweep streets or play bass for Coldplay or clean the toilets at a down-and-out hostel. Are you one of those inadequates? Well, luckily, here's a website that can "help"! Or, as an LiS reporter has it:

Another urgent communiqué from the Department For Stating The Blindingly Obvious...

Begin forwarded message:
From: []
Date: 22 October 2008 12:51:26 BDT
Subject: fish4jobs - are we working in our dream jobs - or putting up with 2nd best?

Good Afternoon
Please see a release from fish4jobs attached and below. The release follows research from a survey and from our site ( Please also note that our press site hosts releases from fish4homes, fish4jobs, fish4cars and fish4holidays which may also be of interest to you and your publication. THAT'S UNLIKELY, BUT THANKS The releases all include statistics from surveys or from the site and focus on modern day issues such as "surviving redundancy", "neighbours from hell", "the top car for romantic encounters" YOU WHAT?

Any queries please do let me know,

Best wishes

Katie siegel SHE MEANS "Siegel"
PR Manager

0208 6** 6***

Press release
October 22nd 2008
Dream, dream, dreaming

Are you working in your dream job?

Or are you facing the reality that living the dream is harder than expected. Research from fish4jobs ( can confirm that despite most Brits not working in their dream job (86%), we are actually quite content with our lot. Most of those interviewed said that they wouldn’t retrain to get their dream job (57%). The survey asked people what their dream jobs were when they were OH JESUS, I HAVEN'T GOT TIME FOR THIS RUBBISH

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