Thursday, 21 February 2008

At Last! The 7 CD Toto Set We've Been Waiting For!

This is painful. No one not currently resident in a perma-sealed secure wing wants - or needs - a 7 CD Toto box set. And I certainly don't need to read anything that includes the phrase, "Toto were not a band to rest on their laurels..." or "In the video for Rosanna, a young Patrick Swayze can be seen as one of the dancers..." Not unless I planned on ending my own life in the next five minutes.

Sony BMG presents….

Toto: The Collection

7 Disc Boxset


This beautifully packaged collection includes Toto’s first seven albums plus a fantastic live DVD. These are the albums which shaped their distinctive BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH.

The Grammy award-winning band were BLAHBLAHBLAH described by Eddie Van Halen as “BLAHBLAHBLAH”. The public obviously agreed – the group has sold over BLAHBLAHBLAH.

This collection is perfect for those who want to discover the magic of Toto as well as being a collector’s item for established fans.

This was the self titled debut album that launched Toto into massive commercial success, setting the standard for the band throughout the 1980s when they went on to become one of the biggest selling groups of their era.

The album spawned hit single Hold The Line as well as Georgy Porgy and I’ll Supply The Love. The band was nominated for a Grammy award for Best New Artist and shortly thereafter, in early 1979, they embarked on their first American tour in support of the debut album.

The successful follow up album to Toto was released in 1979. It featured the hit single 99, which was inspired by George Lucas' cult film THX 1138. This song went on to become one of the band’s most popular numbers. Other singles include St George And The Dragon and All Us Boys.

The band also released a promotional video for the album's title track, though the song was never released as a single.

Turn Back
Turn back was probably the most experimental of their albums. It was a new direction for the group and one which prompted strong responses from critics both positive and negative. The record is very guitar heavy and features less keyboards than their previous two records.

Toto IV
Toto were not a band to rest on their laurels, in 1982 they released their most successful albums to date. In fact, Toto IV became one of the most commercially successful records of the entire decade. The massive hit singles massive Africa and Rosanna are both on this album.

The album was awarded 6 Grammy Awards including Record Of The Year for Rosanna, Album Of The Year for Toto IV, and Producer Of The Year. In the video for Rosanna, a young Patrick Swayze can be seen as one of the dancers, and a young Cynthia Rhodes can be seen as the lead dancer.

The follow up record to Toto IV was also a commercial success, achieving gold status. This was the first album to feature new lead singer Fergie Frederiksen. Isolation features fantastic singles Stranger In Town and How Does It Feel.


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