Tuesday, 26 February 2008

NUTS Readers Are Tools: OFFICIAL!

NUTS magazine are to be applauded. Not many publications would go to the trouble of actually putting out a press release to announce that their readers were utter, utter fools. But I guess that's the difference with mags that live the life and go the extra mile and all that other horseshit that idiots in adverts for shaving foam come out with.

NUTS asked their readers why - in this leap year - they wouldn't say "Yes!" were their "girlfriends" drunk enough to pop the question on February 29. The results are in and not only are they so piss poor it makes you feel a bit warmer towards both piss and the poor, it also skilfully - and clearly - makes the point that the men concerned, NUTS own readers, are hopelessly adolescent, pant-moisteningly fearful little cretins too frightened of having to speak to a grown-up (10) or bursting into tears like a toddler deprived of a lollipop (4) to think about marriage.

Well done NUTS for confirming what the rest of us already knew. Brave move and I wish you all the best.

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