Thursday, 14 February 2008

Seriously Dude, Kill Me Now

I have no idea who this Faisal J is, but I do know this. I have never, ever read a press release that makes me want to have every single copy of the record it's meant to be promoting ground into a fine dust and scattered across deep space more than this one. I would rather be nailed to a wall than feature this on "the facet" of my blog (whatever that means). And no, I'm not making the email address up.

From: "Purple Vagina" [h****w****]
Date: 14 February 2008 15:26:27 GMT

Subject: Seriously Dude you have to check this track out! (Alavi + Etienne De Crecy + BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH)

You probably haven't heard about this artist yet, otherwise he would've already been featured on the facet of your blog!

Flairs is the solo projects from the ultimate bass player who BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH psychedelic Walt Disney on acid video for BLAHBLAHBLAH.

Contact me back on this email if you made a post about it on your blog, so I can link to it on BLAHBLAHBLAH.

Faisal J.

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UNPA said...

The facet of your blog?