Thursday, 20 March 2008

How Will We Ever Get Over This?

A reader just fwd'd this. I think their words really sum up how we all feel at this time... As an aside, I am very upset to read that, "Ali has had not contact" with the band since their gig in Uganda. Having not contact with people sucks.

Begin forwarded message:

A sad day :(

Date: 19 March 2008 19:20:13 GMT
Subject: UB40 keyboard player quits band

UB40 keyboard player quits band

Michael Virtue, band member and keyboard player with UB40, has announced today that he is resigning from the band.

“I can no longer work with the management team and I am joining Ali Campbell in his investigation into the handling of the band’s business affairs. I am very upset to be leaving the band who have been like family for the last 30 years, but feel under the circumstances that this was the only option left open to me.”

I have been unhappy with the way things have been run for many years and wanted to BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH. Ali has had not contact with the band since the last UB40 concert inUganda so I called him last week BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH

It certainly can not be said that I am leaving to pursue a solo career and neither did Ali.

Suffice to say, I am extremely disappointed”

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