Wednesday, 19 March 2008

When Comedy Isn't Funny

I'm still trying to understand the reasoning behind this one. I see that there are two DVDs of stuff so atrocious no one's bothered to put it on sale for fourteen years, but I still can't really see the connection. Norman Wisdom has, in his time, choreographed some of the finest slapstick moments known to man. But Warren Mitchell? Has the person who wrote this ever seen Warren Mitchell, or, indeed, Till Death Us Do Part? This is the same Oxford-educated, in-the-RAF-with-Richard-Burton, RADA-trained, Laurence Olivier Award-winning Warren Mitchell, right? Only, among all the "reactionary, mean-spirited, selfish, bigoted, racist, misogynistic, and anti-Semitic" stuff, I don't remember that many pratfalls. Oh well.

One more thing, if I'm settling down in my "comfy armchair" why would I want to "knock off" my slippers - surely that's precisely when I'd want them on?

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Subject: Alf Garnett & Norman Wisdom - Now on DVD - reviews/features only

Kick back in your comfy armchair, knock off your slippers and get ready for a trip down memory lane as the legendary slapstick actors Sir Norman Wisdom and Warren Mitchell, better known as Alf Garnett bring you classic comedy in the first two releases on SonyBMG‚s new Retro TV DVD label. Both titles have not been seen since 1994 when they were released on VHS in a series called „Comedy Box‰ now revived on DVD and digitally BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH

Released in 1994, ŒNorman Wisdom‚s Trouble on Tour‚ features Norman on stage performing the gags, songs and stunts that have made him one of Britain‚s BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH.

Warren Mitchell appears in ŒThe Thoughts of Chairman Alf,‚ a 1994 recording of his famous stage show that later became a TV series. Mitchell stars as Alf Garnett, the UK‚s most reactionary, mean-spirited, selfish, bigoted, racist, misogynistic, and anti-Semitic man. Alf Garnett was a fictional character on the BBC television sitcom Till Death Us Do Part, the ITV sitcom Till Death... and later In Sickness and in Health. First shown in the theatre in BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH

Both DVDs come in new eco-friendly OK I GET THE MESSAGE

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