Thursday, 27 March 2008

Major Label Press Release Writing:
New Lows Reached

Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus. I've attached the whole thing here - so click away and enjoy yourself. Now, I know that selling Sandi Thom to people after the whole gig in the flat horseshit is going to be difficult, but, really, is this the best you can do? When you had to write the phrase "Sandi’s growth as a singer and as a young woman with tracks tackling deep subjects such as global warming and the corporate career path" didn't you just want to coolly turn your machine off, tip all the unloved promo CDs into the bin and hand in your notice? Is it worth the psychic pain? And then there's the "jovial subjects like partying too hard". Oh dear. The first single is, we're promised, "Sandi Thom at her best", which, I suppose, is as close to saying, "KT Tunstall at her unimaginable worst" as is allowed. "It is a track so catchy it's hard not to hum along." Yes. I'm sure. Anyway, I don't want to strip mine all the pleasure from this. Dive in and let me know your favourite bit (but I'm having, "the song is full of melodic keys", so hands off).


Lulu said...

One of the few things left for a major to do is publicise you using their years of experience

Woops! Ok, one more thing they can't do. There was one sentence in there I was looking forward to finishing but the bastards went and put in a semi-colon and kept it going.

I'd have preferred another outrageous lie than this guff.

Mal Content said...

I don't think 'partying too hard' is anything to be jovial about.


Mr R Phoenix

johnny said...

The worst bit for me is quoting the song lyrics - surely if the artist writes stuff that sounds like a piss-take you shouldn't go around quoting it.

Lost In Showbiz said...

Hey Lulu: I have to say, I agree with you...
Malcontent: "Partying too hard"? yeah... I call it "whinge drinking"
Johnny: You're right. It would have been a lot wiser to just forget about the lyrics all together.