Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Asset Management

There are moments in life where you do have to wonder if, perhaps, the game is up and we need to just hand in our membership cards and admit defeat. Perhaps there are too many of us. Perhaps the world is tired out and in need of a total, to-the-corners spring clean. It is mornings like this morning, when eye-scraping tat like the following pops into my inbox that I just want the whole game to end. Jodie Marsh might not actually be as vile as she seems, but, then again, she might be. Hiring someone to flag up to a defiantly uninterested world that you're ready to do interviews about your new plastic surgery doesn't, to my eyes, suggest that La Marsh is in full control of her faculties. Precisely how damaged and needy and unhappy and clingy and weak and desperate and wretched and morally bankrupt and spiritually poverty-stricken would you need to be to do as JM has done? I'd love to know...

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