Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Bands You Honestly Didn't Realise Had Gone "Global" 1: Shitdisco

This has just arrived. I remember half liking a Shitdisco track about 18 months ago when I had briefly lost my Klaxons album behind the coffee machine. Then I found it and, from that day to this, never thought about them again. I am, therefore, thrilled to read that they have "established themselves worldwide" and are attracting an entire new legion of fans, to whit, the "hard-core party elite". Oh them, yeah, great news. They buy loads of records. "It’s an incredibly busy and exciting time for Shitdisco," yes, of course it is. Or, as a reader put it...

Begin forwarded message:


From: pr@f-10.co.uk
Date: 22 April 2008 01:57:41 BST
Subject: SHITDISCO rise from band to DJ's

As you may already know Shitdisco as a band have already established themselves worldwide. Now their yearn to push themselves to the next level has resulted in them DJing at some of the world’s most legendary clubs and festivals attracting a whole new style of fans; the hard-core party elite.

Having barely recovered from their Tour in Germany with MSTRKRFT and Punks Jump Up, Shitdisco have returned to the UK to embark on a nationwide DJ tour starting with a secret Skins party in Nottingham. During all of this the band are also due to head out to the US for a month long live tour and new material for their upcoming album is also well under way.

It’s an incredibly busy and exciting time for Shitdisco, so we was wondering whether you would like to interview the band or mention them in a news item detailing their rise from band to DJ’s.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards


Rhodri said...

It's these ones I hate most of all. Just bending some meagre truth out of all recognition in the pathetic hope that the recipient will swallow it.

They must forget that they're sending it out to music journalists who know full well the minuscule impact Shitdisco have had on the planet, and not 4 year-old boys who'll believe whatever you tell them.


Lost In Showbiz said...

I wonder how Shitdisco - how increasingly awful that name sounds as the months drag on - feel about this sort of crap? Is this really what bands want, to be ridiculed like this?

monkey_business said...

I can't let the final paragraph go. "We was wondering"?! "DJ's" with an apostrophe?!

It makes me want to die. The "DJ's" error is poor, but just about forgivable. However, I can't for the life of me think why someone who believes "we was" is gramatically correct has been allowed anywhere near a press release. Or even a keyboard, for that matter.

Lost In Showbiz said...

Christ - i'd not even noticed that. It sort of takes your breath away, doesn't it - the idea that someone would write "we was wondering" and think nothing of it...