Tuesday, 8 April 2008

"Fashionable Followers" Alert

This just in from a reader concerned about the hitherto unreached level of awful crapness attained by Pressroom PR in their round-robin ridiculousness concerning Mulberry and Maya and all the rest of it... Let's gather up a few gems: "nightlife boite", "delectable cocktails are mixed in the most bespoke and novel way", "Peaches Geldoff" - who?, "Kelly Osborn" - who? "Julian Bennett (Queer eye for a straight guy - about to release his first single)". Who's giving these people work? Why?

"the innovative concept of Mixologists At The Table" AND "Natasha Corrett (Sienna Miller's little sis)" - Jesus H Christ - where's anthrax when you fucking need it?

Begin forwarded message:
From: Pressroom PR
Date: 28 March 2008 00:27:36 GMT
Subject: Post event release: Mulberry and MATT at MAYA

Launch of MATT - Mixologists At The Table. Together with MATT, nightlife boite MAYA is taking V-VIP clubbing to highest of the hedonistic highs. delectable (SIC) cocktails are mixed in the most bespoke and novel way. the club’s glamorous waitresses and mixologists expertly mixed champagne cocktails with luscious aromatics and mixers - any way you like it. THIS WON'T DO AT ALL

Mulberry's fashionable followers, Maya's plutocrats, Peaches Geldoff (Pixie stayed in as it was a school night) Arthur Baker (Madonna's producer), Julian Bennett (Queer eye for a straight guy - about to release his first single), Jamie T, Les Blondes Vagues (otherwise fondly known as Vogue magazine's DJ dream team), Natasha Corrett (Sienna Miller's little sis)

MATT – the innovative concept of Mixologists At The Table, sponsored by Grey Goose, Moet & Chandon

Les Blondes Vagues (also known as the fashion eds from Vogue). Also scheduled to play at Glastonbury

Resident DJ Flip
Madonna's producer came to hear Les Blondes Vagues, apparently the singer is looking for a warm-up act for her next tour. MATT made a great impression on Mulberry's fashionistas who all left the club very, very merry :)

MAYA London
MAYA launched in September 2007 during London Fashion Week and quickly made a name for itself as a new playground for the who's who of the fashion industry. After its launch with Sienna Miller and music label of the moment Kitsune, MAYA had the honor to host several great events with Kelly Osborn, Juliette & the Licks and Johnny Borrell, and more recently they hosted the British Fashion Awards BLAHBLAHBLAH

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Dave the Flack said...

I think this is an inspired idea - a daily mailout letting us know where all the d-list "V-VIP" cunts are going to be hanging out so I can avoid them. Please add me to your mailing list. I'd even pay a subscription for that service.