Friday, 11 April 2008

Bad PR: Corporate Edition

You see, it's not just poorly executed press releases from the world of hopeless pop makeweights, oh no. We can do big business too. This little slice of blue-sky heaven has arrived from a reader sat in a tall glass building with proper lifts and sullen, nose-picking security guards. Frankly, I don't like the idea of touching anyone's "business", but that might just be me.

Hi LiS
The following is an extract from a recent memo. It's a load of old wank, i hope you agree...

In effect, our “proposition” is the who, what & why of our business.

- who we are

- what we do

- why we do it

- It is the articulation and physical representation of our business as viewed by our customers. Each time a customer touches our business they “experience” (insert company name here). That experience must be favourable and “add value” to their own business proposition or personal experience. It is therefore vital that we get this right at every touch point to differentiate our business from our competitors.

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