Monday, 14 April 2008

It's Not Total Rubbish - It's An "Iconic Pop Masterpiece"

Speaking from the heart, I am so bored already of the "Rickrolling" phenomenon that just one single mention of the "idea" makes hot tears jump from my red-rimmed eyes. However, over at Violentviolet they're all over it like a particularly virulent rash. This truly is an object lesson in inanity from the opening sentence. "On Friday 11th April, at precisely 6pm London got Rickrolled!" - oh please - to the howling terror of the band's quote about how SAWs' woundingly heartless slice of cookie-cutter idiot-pop represents "everything we love". Christ, really? The Rickrollerz are, clearly, incredibly easily pleased. Unlike me. "Rickrolling continues to explode organically across the globe without any clever PR whatsoever". Well, I'll give you that one.

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Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2008 22:41:53 +0100
Subject: Rickrolling inspires 'Never Gonna Give You Up' rerelease'RICKROLLING' INSPIRES RE-RELEASE OF RICK ASTLEY CLASSIC


Monday 14th April - On Friday 11th April, at precisely 6pm London got Rickrolled! The whole of Liverpool Street station turned into the site for the world's first ever Rickmob - a Rick Astley inspired flashmob. Earlier in the day - excited about the event - the aptly named Rickrollerz recorded a new remix of Astley's 80s classic "Never Gonna Give You Up" in the very same studio where the original was produced 20 years earlier!

Well over 20 million have fallen victim to the internet gag where an interesting link redirects you to the Rick Astley 'Never Gonna Give You Up' hit video. 13 million have viewed the iconic pop masterpiece on YouTube in the last 7 days alone. Meanwhile chief executives of major record labels are looking on in awe and wonder as rickrolling continues to explode organically across the globe without any clever PR whatsoever.

As a tribute to the great man, a group of the UK’s top Dance producers, calling themselves ‘The RickRollerz’  have reworked the 80’s hit for the naughties. “It’s not what we would normally do” explains one “ I just kept getting Rickrolled by mates and I realised that ‘Never Gonna Give you up’ is a great pop record. When it comes down to it club music is about having a fun night out. So many people are having so much fun with this record that we realised it would be a crime not to mash it up and have some fun with it ourselves, especially when we heard about the Rick Mob, which sounds hilarious”.

The Rickmob was a spontaneous gathering where hundreds of people dressed as Rick Astley met on Friday 11th April in Liverpool Street Station for a short rendition of the 80’s superhit and then quickly dispersed. Needless to say the RickRollerz attended. “We booked hairdresser appointments and planned on some charity shop rummaging, to get the perfect ‘Rick Look’. The great thing about the whole Rick thing,” he continues,  “is that it is a celebration of all things 80’s, it defines everything we love and is massive amounts of fun at the same time” KILL ME NOW, PLEASE

Hear the 2008 version of Never Gonna Give You Up' and BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH

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