Thursday, 3 April 2008

Banged Up The Slammer

Some people's minds just never stop working. This chap from Custodial Review is floating the idea that, as the global credit crunch bites deeper, the already bloated prison population will only get bigger. So get your products in there now and watch those pound notes just pile up...

"I read it for the explosive articles about IFSEC and catering"
Mrs Trellis, North Wales
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Sent: 03 April 2008 16:16

With the only growth sector in the UK likely to be the prison population don't miss this opportunity to increase your market share in a sector that has guarantees about being paid! As all the areas targeted by our magazine are government funded its sensible to do business with growth markets unaffected by the financial turmoil sweeping the world!

With more accommodation being built and prisons in the development stages, it is now when people need to see your products and services and can get them involved in this multi billion pound industry.

We are the ONLY magazine dedicated to this sector and we have updated the distribution database to include all new governors plus the latest requests and subscriptions. Our specifically targeted distribution works, ask any of our advertisers.
As ever the magazine is full of topical articles and high profile interviews on subjects as diverse as IFSEC, prison building, the effectiveness of drug policy. (a very explosive subject) and catering. You can view all the articles here.

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