Thursday, 3 July 2008

An Actual Letter...

This has just arrived. Does anyone else remember the Atomic Kitten press release the reader mentions? I always feel a bit aggrieved when I miss out on a classic (even if it was about eight years ago).

I wish I'd known about your site before, I used to get some beauties. Most would have been before you started it, though. My favourite ever fuck-up that I can recall is - oh no! - actually there's two that jostle for position:

1) A web thing with Atomic Kitten that was advertised thus: "The girls promise that the chat will be no holes barred!!"

2) Mansun - lovely affectionate blurb to go with their best-of described them as "transsexuals". I think they meant "transvestites". I'm afraid I emailed the PR and said I would be interested to know the name of their surgeon as it was a pretty good job. Is that so wrong?

I may have cause to send you some soon. All stand and say "ooh goody".

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