Monday, 21 July 2008

Can You Dig! it?

Shall we be honest for a moment about The Brian Jonestown Massacre? Actually, shall I let a reader be honest for a moment about The Brian Jonestown Massacre? Yes, yes I shall. Apparently, there was an incident at one of their gigs last week in which, um, err... Sorry, I got distracted by a dog eating a piece of ham outside. So, yes, The Brian Jonestown Massacre! Well...

9) No one cares

10) No one cares

11) See 9 and 10 forever and ever and ever.

From:James Sherry []
Sent: 18 July 2008 14:22
To: James Sherry
Cc: James Sherry
Subject: Statement From The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Importance: High

From The Management & The Record Label Of The Brian Jonestown Massacre

With regards to the incident that took place on Wednesday night 16th July 2008 at the Forum in London, the facts are to the story are:

1)There was no knife or knives involved in any shape or form in this incident

2)The cuts to Frankie Emerson were caused by some glass splinters

3)Frankie Emerson injuries were superficial to his arm & stomach, he was treated at the Royal Free Hospital in London .

4)These injuries were caused by horseplay by the band in their own changing room after the gig.

5)Anton Newcombe was questioned at Kentish Police Station to help the police with their enquiries & was released with no charge or caution .

6)Frankie Emerson did not press any charges on Anton Newcombe .

7)Any comments by anyone within or outside the media to the contrary are completely false.

8)The band will continue with their successful European tour

Any further questions about this matter please contact

Thank you from the Brian Jonestown Massacre

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