Tuesday, 15 July 2008

What's Your Band Called Again?

Oh yes, Psychedelic Horsesh*t! And what sort of music do you make? Oh, that's psychedelic horsesh*t too? Great! If I was an A&R man I'd (perhaps only inwardly, but I definitely would) question the sincerity - and possible longevity - of a band that called themselves Psychedelic Horsesh*t. After all, when you've got over the hilarity of the name, there's not much left, is there? Or, as a reader has it:

Cute little asterisk. And I just love their DIY ethic with the Blue Peter approach to sleeve art. And a sprinkler solo! Oh dear, I am literally all out of joy now.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Richard Onslow [richardonslow@xlrecordings.com]
Date: 2008/7/15
Subject: PRESS RELEASE: Psychedelic Horsesh*t


Hope you're well. Next week sees the release of the debut UK single by Columbus, Ohio's Psychedelic Horsesh*t (myspace.com/psychedelichorsesh*t)

'New Wave Hippies' is out on Monday 21st July on Half Machine Records (www.halfmachinerecords.com) on 7" only. Featuring hand made artwork by singer/ guitarist Matt, handed to me in pieces at ATP as he'd made it by taking an old 7" sleeve of bird noises and stapling pictures and words all over it. WHAT A CARD!

The single features 5 tracks -
1. (Intro) Dub Gaze
2. New Wave Hippies (Treated)
3. Portals (5am Demo)
4. Silent Speed
5. Magick Defends Itself Pt. 3

'Portals' and 'New Wave Hippies' both feature on their debut album 'Magic Flowers Droned' out last year on Siltbreeze (Dead C, Guided By Voices, Times New Viking etc). These single versions are different to the album though, NWH features a 'sprinkler solo' for example...

The band will be heading over to the UK in October for a tour and maybe another single and/or album. GREAT NEWS! THANKS!


Richard Onslow
XL Recordings
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