Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Earning Your Money

It was happy days at Maven Metrics when the Emotional Bliss job came in. At last! The chance to write about sex toys for the older woman! And, naturally, they've shoe-horned in the industry standard Dame Helen Mirren reference. Thanks to a reader in the East London area for this.

Emotional Bliss
Press Release

All hail the power of women of a certain age....

Defying the notion that being sexy and feeling good about oneself is the prerogative of only the young, this week's 'majestic' pictures of Dame Helen Mirren in a bikini at the age of 62 are proof that age certainly does not wither women's desire to express their sexuality.

It may well be an unedifying and uncomfortable prospect for some, but the fact is, women of a certain age are still enjoying an active love life into their later years, or at the very least, want to continue to express their femininity and sensuality.

Recent books such as the international bestseller 'A Round-Heeled Woman : My Late-life Adventures in Sex and Romance' by Jane Juska in 2004 also support the idea that passion and the pursuit of an active sex life is not merely for the young.

As a 2007 study of 3,000 men and women aged 57 to 85 years of age in the US and reported in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals, although sexual activity declined with age, a significant proportion of men and women still had active love lives.

Of those aged 57 to 64, 73 per cent reported sexual activity, as did 53 per cent of those aged 65 to 74. Even 26 per cent of those aged 75 to 85 years of age were still having sex.

Paul Telford, Managing Director of Emotional Bliss, the UK vibrator company, says "A significant proportion of our female customers fall into the 50 to 65 years of age range, particularly for our 'heat' range of vibrators which are specifically tailored towards the sexual needs of older women."

Older women have different sexual needs to younger women and this is borne out by results of the U.S. study in which some women reported problems such as low desire, difficulty with vaginal lubrication and inability to climax.

In recognition of these very distinct issues faced by older women, Emotional Bliss has spent the past five years researching and developing their new 'heat' range of vibrators which are fully tailored to the needs of women aged 40+.

Nerve endings gradually deteriorate naturally due to ageing and also because of smoking, stress and alcohol, which means that more vibration is required with age.

Julia Cole, the psychotherapist, who designed the vibrators for Emotional Bliss, says

"Although research demonstrates that 80 hertz generates orgasms in younger women, women aged 40+ prefer more intense stimulation. This is why we have increased the vibrations in the new 'heat' range of vibrators from 120 to 150 hertz. We've also created innovatory warmth which mimics the heat generated by the labia and clitoris when a woman is highly aroused, increasing her sexual response."


Notes to Editors:

* The new range of Emotional Bliss heat vibrators is available to buy at www.emotionalbliss.co.uk
* The Womolia Heat is priced at £49.95; the Femblossom Heat at £49.95.
* They are also available to buy online at Victoria Health and via the affiliated Relate website.
* Emotional Bliss vibrators are created to fit the areas of a woman that respond most to sexual arousal - the clitoris and vaginal lips. This makes them more effective and satisfying than traditional internal vibrators.
* Made with medical grade materials, incorporating an anti-bacterial agent that sets new standards against the conventional sex toy industry.

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